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I’ve been thinking a lot lately.

Thinking about everything. Where I want to go. Where I’ve been. Thinking about who. Thinking about when.

Thinking about you.

It’s been wild. Truth be told, I’m drained. October always seems to wear me out the most compared to the other eleven months. I like it, though. It’s a rush. Week after week, it’s something new.

New people, new places, new emotions. There’s nothing solid. Wedding photography is not a cookie-cutter affair. I might have worn the same outfit at my last wedding (don’t tell anyone), but my mindset is always different. There’s a lot to think about; more than you can imagine.

Oh, and I have to execute, too. Thoughts of beautiful images are nothing if I can’t capture and share them. So, I try to work hard and smart. I have a story to tell, and the world is relying on me.


It’s not pressure, actually. It’s inspiration. There are people out there that love what I do, and they trust me. Their friends and family welcome me into their lives with open doors. My goal: walk in and blow their minds.

And then, I’m there. Through that door. In that room. Everything fills my mind. Composition, light, background, foreground, infinite space, action, reaction, emotion. I juggle the variables and wait.

Mary had taken refuge after a teary-eyed moment sabotaged her eye makeup during the reception. The makeup crew had work to do as Mary recomposed herself. The room/closet that we were in is used to store stage equipment, and also allows access to the wiring and electronics that amplify the show. In here, it is raw. No shining lights, no flowers, no cake, no crowd. It’s not pretty, but what happened inside made it beautiful.

“Are you okay?” Elise asked her mom, Mary (in the cutest voice ever).

And right there, a moment was made. Photographed and memorialized. I smiled. We smiled. Everything was more than “okay.”


Of course, not everyone will understand because not everyone can relate. It’s not a first dance, speech, or mother-son dance. Like I said before, every wedding is unique. But this moment is true to the individuals that were there to witness and feel it.

Elise, I want to know how you feel about this photo twenty years from now. Write back, okay?

People like you make these long nights worth my while.

Sweet dreams.

Tiffany - That was emotional!

Marno - ;)

Elizabeth - This was beautifully written, and the photo captures the moment oh so well.


- Aww! Thanks, Elizabeth! It was nice to meet you.

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