Tabitha and Tony | Stafford, VA | Rock Hill Plantation Wedding


Before I dig too deeply into the wedding day, let me start off by giving you some background information. I have known Tony for many years – long before a camera had even graced my hands. When I decided to start this photographic journey, Tony supported me through my early stages (when my portfolio was pretty lame). So, after photographing the couple’s engagement session and wedding, I take a look back, and I’m just extremely grateful for being where I am today. Thank you for the support.

The wedding day started off bright and earlier at a photogenic salon called, 2 Dye IV Hair, in Stafford, VA. The ladies were extremely friendly and carried on funny conversations that would have been more appropriate around female photographers! Nevertheless, they were entertaining to be around and welcomed me into tight nooks and crannies, which allowed me to pursue my creative vision, drama-free. Huge thanks, ladies! Their testimonials can be read through my photographs.

If you’re wondering where the ceremony and reception were held, go here. The venue will not disappoint; everything went smooth as butter thanks to Rev. Will & Dr. Jo Anne Cannon. Afterwards, the partying and celebration went long into the night at a local bar in Stafford. I documented a pretty good portion of it and joined in on the festivities, too.

Tabitha and Tony, I had a blast and it was an absolute pleasure being there to photograph you two. The events that unfolded touched my soul in a way that I can’t even grasp or explain. I wouldn’t have chosen to have been anywhere else on that beautiful day.

My friend, Bruce, came along and captured a contrasting perspective of the day. A handful of the images in this post were taken by him, including the photos of the guys getting ready. Thanks, Bruce!

Angelina - AND SO!
I believe my breath just got taken away.
these are ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY amazing.
i love you big brother.
and i can see so much progress in you’re work.
This set of photos just touched my heart,
it felt as though I was there.
It was so beautiful I wanted to be there.

You’re amazing.
and I, sir, am so proud of you <3

Tiffany - Freak awesome job kid!!!!!

Marno - Thanks, mom!! ;)

Marno - Wow, Angie! Thank you for the thoughtful comment! I love you, too, little sister! <333

Ashley - Wow!! This a beautiful beautiful set of images. The emotion and FUN in their faces is great. Fantastic fantastic job!! :)

Marno - Thank you, Ashley! That’s exactly what I aim for, emotion and truth of the day. Glad you enjoyed the images!

steph - as always, every picture just seems to be EPIC…so well thought out! Loved looking at all of these! :D

Marno - Steph, thank you so much for the feedback and support! Can’t wait to share the wedding we shot together!

Diana - I love the photos they are absolutely beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes everytime I look at them. You have captured some of the best moments, you have done a amazing job. I can not wait to see more..

Marno - Diana, thanks a ton for the compliment! It was such a pleasure being there and you guys were all so sweet!

Diana - How much longer until the others will be out. I can not wait.

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