Jean + Joon | Westfields Marriot Wedding

Sometimes, photographs just can’t portray a wedding. Am I devaluing my services? I certainly am.

How do I photograph the overwhelming feel of love when Jean and her father began to walk down the isle? How I do photograph the trembling dance floor as wedding members rocked out to one of the best old-school playlists that I have ever heard? How do I photograph the last song while both of my arms were preoccupied on the shoulders of a swaying circle? You simply can’t. You had to have been there.

Yeah, it was like that.

By the end of the night, ties had loosened and high heels were abandoned. The party was intense, and it carried on long after the uplighting had already been taken down. It was an incredible celebration to kick off a life-long commitment. I’m so happy for you two.

This is what I signed up for.

Assistant Photographer: Ray Gunnell
Planner/Design: My Simple Details
Paper: Blue Lotus Company
Flowers: Holly Chapple
Venue: Westfields Marriott
Hair and Makeup: Inhye Kim
Lighting: Washington Celebrations
Draping: Swank Audio Visual

Officiant: Joyce Cocoran
Video: Reflextion Videography
Cake: Shilla Bakery
DJ: Mark Yuen

jean - Until these pictures…the wedding was just a dream that had come true in my memories. Now I have to thank you for these lovely pictures. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. You were just as much part of the wedding as all our family and friends. Thank you Marno <3

Chul - The bride, to the decorative dessert table to the photos… Everything was beautiful. I’m just glad I was there to share in your memories. Good luck Jean and Joon! May your pain be champagne and may your glasses never empty… One love!

Ray - Yessir. High five.

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