Ricky | Falls Church, Virginia

Meet Ricky. Some people know him as, the GMU VSA Prez; the funny guy with Dragon Ball Z hair; the guy that runs the Turkey Bowl tourney; the nicest guy you’ll ever meet…at Mason…on a Wednesday…in the Johnson Center! I know him simply as, Ricky. And there is no one else on this world like him.

In life, you will meet people who stick out like a sore thumb because of their hair styles, or because of their personalities. Ricky, capitalized on both. When I first met Ricky, it felt like we were long lost friends from elementary school. Although in reality, we were strangers. But that didn’t last long.

Coincidentally, Ricky and I went to the same high school: JEB Stuart High School in Falls Church, VA! Although I only attended for my freshman year, I still feel like it was my home school – the school where I belonged. And going back for the photo shoot meant a lot to me. It brought back memories that I wish I could relive again and memories of old friends who I wish could grace the front of my lens…

Back on topic: When most people think of Ricky, I bet they think of his silliness, charm, and generosity. I don’t think I have ever caught him with anything equal to or less than a frown on his face before. But I knew, deep down inside, that even someone as cheerful as Ricky can be equally as deep and serene. In this photo shoot, I wanted to capture that side – the side that most of us have never seen.

Ricky deserves a pat on the back big warm hug for his efforts in bringing smiles to us all. I gave him a personal photo shoot. And a hug, of course.









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