Christina, William, Mimi and Napoleon | Great Falls, Virginia

Aren’t they cute?!  Mimi and Napoleon stole the show during our photo shoot as they grabbed stares, ‘oohs’ and ‘awws’ from everyone in the park.  Although Mimi probably doesn’t feel the same towards me, I still dig her.  In fact, both of the little doggies reminded me of my dog, Hershey (I miss you!).  Oh yeah, Christina and Will are alright, too.;)

As you can see, it was hot!  Luckily, the tall trees provided cover and shade from the beaming Summer sun.  The heat even made Mimi and Napoleon smile for the camera as they naturally tried to swoop tiny bits of water from the humid air.

Christina wanted something simple: family portraits to hang on a wall in their new home.  No real themes or stories here.  Just love.

Thanks guys!






Angelina N. - absolutely AMAZING. you have great talent. and i love your work. keep it up(:

Christina Chern - we had such a great time working with Marno. he was extremely professional and we enjoyed that he let us ‘do our thing’ and also gave great directions. he was very insightful and helpful when it came to picking our location. we are definitely interested in working with him in the future and have told all of our friends about the shoot!

Marno - Thanks Christina! You guys flatter me!

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