Chasing Sunsets | Personal

Let me start off by saying that I feel very thankful and blessed right now.  I have been given the opportunity to meet and work with some absolutely amazing people.  I want you all to know that I really, really appreciate everything.  Big warm hugs for everyone.

The photo below is of Wendy and Dave

, during our engagement session in Washington, DC.  We were nearing the end of our shoot as we headed towards the National Monument.  The photo itself isn’t considered to be deliverable, in my opinion; especially with my stringent standards.  The horizon is tilted; the Monument has a gangster lean; there’s a pole that looks like crap right in front of Wendy; the list of imperfections goes on.  But during my culling stage, I simply could not delete it.  Because this photo was more than just a snapshot – it was a real moment.

Wendy and Dave knew that we were pushing our time limits with the beautiful sunset that we had that day.  In the photo, they were running to a particular spot that I had pointed out.  I didn’t tell them to run – they just did.  I loved that.  Mother Nature doesn’t preserve sunsets like these all day, everyday for a reason.  They’re beautiful because they’re exclusive, unique, and naturally calming.  If you appreciate light, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Often times, photographers will mention that photography is all about lighting. At one point, I agreed.  But I also think that it’s arguable.  And I love arguing over things like these.  Personally, I think photography – good photography – is all about collective love and passion.  Sprinkle some golden, directional lighting in there and you’ve got a masterpiece.  I’ve only been able to capture such lighting on a few of my shoots, but you can bet that I put my heart and soul into every shoot that I’m on. Because deep inside, I know that this is what I’m born to do – photograph.

Dear prospective clients: If and only if you absolutely love what you see, feel and read here, let’s go chase some sunsets.  It’ll be fun, and we’ll have amazing photographs to prove it to the world.

P.S. Tomorrow is Earth Day. Thank you for providing such awesome environments for me to shoot in, Earth. You’re the best.

Dave Spencer - Marno,
We saw how much passion you put into this shoot and knew that if we did our part, we’d certainly be rewarded. We weren’t fooled.
I think you motivated us to try to make those photos as fantastic as one can fathom.
We couldn’t be happier and everyone’s efforts really paid off!
-Dave Spencer

Marno - Dave,
Likewise, you and Wendy did such an amazing job. The shoot went smooth like butter! Thanks for giving me creative control and trusting me all the way through! :)

Paula - Whatever! The only thing I don’t like about this picture is the pole you mentioned. Otherwise, I think it has a ton of character.

Ari - What’s up my Cambodian brutha! Great stuff on here man. Keep it up!


Marno - Yo, thanks! Hoping things are poppin’ in the 209, too!

Marno - Kinda sorta agree. :)

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