Lisa and Jim | Burke, Virginia | Wedding

Lisa and Jim are some of the best dancers that I have ever seen at a wedding.  Seriously, wow!  They passionately tore up the dance floor all night long!  And just as they were in perfect harmony during their wedding, I hope the same goes for their new lives together.

Less talk.  More photos.  Peep their story:





















Jim Hull - What beautiful pictures!!!! They really captured the fun and loving feeling of our wedding day. Lisa and I can’t wait to see the rest.

Marno - Thank you Jim! You guys are ridiculously awesome dancers!

Bonnie and Stefan | Fairfax, Virginia | Engagement

First of all, Bonnie, I apologize for making you wait a dreaded week to post these images!  It must have been terrible: Sitting there at work; staring at my blog; hitting the refresh button a million times!  Well, wait no more…

Bonnie and Stefan are total opposites.  Night and day.  Black and white.  On and off.  But the reserved and respectful couple prove the FACT that opposites attract.  Just like magnets with two polar ends – positive and negative -  they come together beautifully.  In this lifestyle engagement, I tried to portray those characteristics, showing separation with a smidgen of attraction, or perhaps, a wifi connection!  Bonnie and Stefan can school me on a RAID data back up strategy while I stare at them dumbfounded.  Although I tried not to show the world that they are knowledgeable experts in the IT field (nerds), some of it may have leaked! :)

We started the shoot at a few local spots, but our main focus was the couples’ new home – a cute home at that!  My favorite room is “The Router Room.”  Yup, Bonnie and Stefan have a room in their home currently dedicated to nothing other than a router.  Awesome.  When I first saw it, a photo op instantly clicked: “Baby, let’s connect!”  Not only did they connect with each other (as shown in the photo below), they connected with me, too.  We were able to plan and premeditate the shoot as if it were a bank robbery.  But unlike most crimes, this shoot went flawlessly.  We shared thoughts, ideas, stories, and themes a few weeks prior to the shoot.  And on the day of, we were able to rock and roll without a hitch.  The funny thing is: Bonnie told me that they were such a boring couple, and it was going to be impossible to pull any character out of them!  But as a creative artist, that’s practically my job!

I have never been more comfortable before during a shoot (at their home).  There were no random strangers watching us, no security guards, no bugs, no humidity and Summer heat!  What more could you ask for?  They even fed me a nice juicy steak for dinner!  The food tasted great and hit the spot after a long day at “work.”  But the lasting impression that they literally live only a mile away tasted even better!

As things were wrapping up, Bonnie jumped on her baby grand piano and played some tunes for us.  The melody sounded amazing as it echoed through the high ceilings in their living room.  I quickly grabbed my camera and a few lights to capture it – visually.  And the results: One of my favorite images of this year.  The composition, lighting, reflections and mood just strike me as art.  Love it.

By the end of the night, we were beat.  Beat!  I think Stefan called in sick the next day and Bonnie was running late for work, sorry guys!  My morning after was nothing better.  But when I finally woke up, I knew that we all had passionately poured our love and soul into the shoot.

Bonnie and Stefan will be getting married in exactly two months from now.  Consider this my pre-two-months-anniversary gift!

Photographic assistance provided by: Emmie Muth;)



















Chariz Figueroa - I love love love these! Talk about representing the goofy-geeky-yet-sophisticated-ness that is Stefan and Bonnie. How all those attributes actually combine? I have no idea, but they do it quite well. These two people are in my favorite people jar so it’s definitely nice to see them captured like this. Thanks for taking these awesome photographs!

bonnie figueroa - Thank you so much for posting your favorites, Marno! I love the way these photos turned out! I can’t believe you made me wait a week!!! :) Just jocking!! Well, kind of… haha! No seriously…, I swear your blog was getting so many refreshes last week, I was afraid that your site would ban my connection in order prevent a denial of service attack. 001110100010001110100110101010001010b

Ratha - Yeah only 2 months away until the big day. Can’t wait. The pics are fab! Still can’t believe that Stefan agreed to do them…haha. And he actually cooked all that food too!?!?! You two are perfect for each other!!!

Yuri - Very cute pictures Bonnie and Stefan!
I can see the love and the binary digits floating around ;)
Congratulations to you two and enjoy this special time together!

Marno - Chariz, I hear ya on that one! Thanks for the compliments!

Bonnie, you are hilarious. Seriously, you crack us up. Thanks for being so patient with the shoot!

Ratha, thanks for the love. Can’t wait for the wedding to see us all together again. And mucho thanks for the referral!

Yuri, thanks for checking the photos out!

Stella - Bonnie and Stefan, these pictures are fabulous! Congratulations to you both and look forward to the wedding in a few months…

Stefan - The pictures came out great! It’s amazing what a well-trained eye and several thousand dollars of professional photography equipment can do to someone as not-so-photogenic as me. I can’t wait for the next shoot (i.e. the wedding).

Marno - LOL, Stefan, you look awesome in the photos! You guys rocked that day.

Daryl Figueroa - I was very impressed with all the photos. It’s like you could see their true personalities come alive. Excellent job.


- Thank Daryl! I look forward to meeting you all!

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