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Good Superbowl Sunday evening! Go Saints! Check out Michelle and Mike’s wedding guest book.  The couple used the images from their engagement session, which was just a few months before the wedding.

Michelle chose the majority of the images in the book and I added a few of my favorites, too. The custom design was simple and elegant; leaving lots of negative space for guests to leave their love. This book in particular is 10×10 inches and packs 10 sweet spreads (20 pages) which lay flat when open. Michelle chose the “virgin white” cover color to match her Winter-themed wedding.  As you can see from a few posts below, it surely matched well with all of the snow that we had that day! By the way, the stylish cover is included and so are specially designed markers for safe writing on the photos.

Special thanks to my walking, talking, loving album holder, Emmeline Jelly Bean!

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During Michelle and Mike’s Winter wedding, I just had to grab a shot of myself and my assistant, AJ.  The lighting was beautiful and the scene was EPIC!  I made her get out of the warm and cozy car so that we could take cheesy pics of ourselves in the freezing weather.  I convinced her that it’s important to have photos of yourself at different stages in time.  Sometimes as a photographer, the camera is rarely pointed at myself, unfortunately.  Luckily, she obliged.  You’re the best, AJ!

This is the first actual photo of myself on here!  Now you have a face (with a huge camera in front of it) to match to a name!  I promise that there will be plenty more to come. 

You may notice that the photos look completely different, even though they were taken at pretty much the exact same time.  The main reasons why are because we were using different camera’s with different lenses and different settings.  I must admit that AJ’s photo of me looks better than the photo I took for her!

And now, some info and insight on light. Lighting is everything. As a photographer, it is one of the most important aspects of my day – perhaps, my life! Bad lighting can ruin a beautiful moment or content. I’m not going to explain what bad lighting is because it’s subjective to each of us. And plus, I just deleted about a paragraph’s worth of rambling to keep this simpler. How does this tie into this post? At Michelle and Mike’s wedding, I stumbled upon some of the most amazing lighting that I have ever been able to photograph in. What a blessing!

Let me explain a little further…The day was cloudy – no sun in sight. The ground was pure white. So basically, this turned the setting into a giant photography studio – a world with soft-boxes in the form of endless, sticky snowflakes. Clean, even and soft lighting abundantly scattered for us to cherish. No harsh shadows. No squinting. Just cold as heck air and natural, beautiful light. The compromise is always worth it. Because awesome photographs last longer than goosebumps and colds. *wink wink*

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At this hour, this is old news, but Apple came out with the iPad today.  I think it’s sweet!  Will I be able to make good use of it?  Probably not.  But it’s shiny and has an Apple logo on it, so I must have it, right?! :)

Now, for something more relevant: Did you know that my blog is semi-optimized for your Apple iPhone?  I say “semi” because it’s awfully hard to read the text, but images look great in the Safari app!  Check out some screenshots!  Note: the screenshots are stretched, therefore, actual image quality is decreased – it looks a lot better on your iPhone.

I used Idang and Antoine’s blog post for reference because they’re awesome and they both have iPhones. :)

Need a better view?  Rotate your iPhone or iPod Touch!  The photos will fill the landscape view perfectly.

If you’re a true follower, you can add a link to my blog on your iPhone just by clicking on the little plus sign on the bottom menu and hitting the “add to home screen” button.  It’s a cake walk!

Now, for the moment of truth…

Blackberry users, I apologize, we’re an Apple home. ;)

Idang - Hey Marno!

Love the shout out! Gotta love those iphones!

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