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Imagine.  Visualize the image.  Plan.  Gather resources (friends).  Convince my support group that I can make a half-decent photo of them.  Watch them bite.  Tell them to follow me.  Get lost in DC and Maryland while trying to find a sweet location.  Make friends run lots of red lights.  Never find location.  Improvise.  Stumble upon a grungy bridge.  Think.  Smile at friends who are waiting in their cars, looking at me like I’m an idiot.  Stand in the middle of the road and mentally compose the image, like an idiot.  Freeze.  Set up shop.  Take test shots using a friend (thanks Donny).  Drag friends out of their warm cars.  Block traffic.  Wave off oncoming traffic.  Save nine lives and expensive camera gear.  Pretend like I know what I’m doing.  Tell them to stand there and look at the camera.  Embarrass them as little as possible.  Freeze time – multiple times.  Hope to God that at least one frame ends up OK.  Show friends a preview from the camera.  Listen to the “ooh’s” and “ahh’s.”  Get all warm inside.  Get all excited inside.  Upload image.  Wonder how I even came up with the idea for the image in the first place.  Thank, God.  Post process.  “Ooh” and “ahh.”  Secretly make friends wait to see the photo.  Build anticipation.  Share with the world.  Rock the world.

Thank you all for being here with me.  <3

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Peg - great picture, how can I get a copy

Marno - Hey Mrs. Clark, I plan on giving John a copy. I’ll be sure to include an extra for you. Thanks!!!

hanna - i love it :)

Marno - It loves you back. :)

Michelle and Mike | Bristow and Manassas, Virginia | Wedding

Well here it is: our first wedding for 2K10!  Michelle and Mike are official!  My friend, AJ, came with me to rock their wedding – a few of her shots are compiled into this entry.  Thanks AJ!

Incidentally, Michelle and Mike both work practically walking distance from my home in Fairfax, VA.  So meeting up and discussing things were always a breeze.  But that breeze turned into a snowstorm for their Winter wedding!  Rain, shine, flurries or snowpocalypse, there was absolutely no doubt that we were going to be there for the cool couple.  You can’t take a day off when someone’s getting married!  I drive an SUV that soccer mom’s would envy for a reason!  Boy did my Honda Pilot come in handy that day.  AJ and I counted 3-4 cars flipped over in ditches during our drive!  Fortunately, we made it there safely and in good timing.

Through the treacherous travel conditions and freezing cold air, we were still left with amazing conditions to shoot in.  More details can be found here (in a recent entry).  Due to the weather constraints, we were only left with maybe a full minute at most for the portrait session.  Crazy!  But we did the best that we could in our little slice of time.  Michelle, Mike and the bridesmaids were awesome for even wanting photos in the snow in the first place.  Needless to say, I was stoked and completely up for it.

Michelle and Mike, it was a pleasure being able to connect and make sweet photographs with you guys.  Congrats!

P.S.  I love it when couples play Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” at weddings!!!

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Sheila Lueking - The snow pictures are amazing!! Great people pictures and very creative too. Some of the best wedding photos I’ve seen.

Marno - Sheila, once again, thank you so much for your support! You got an early sneek peak! SHHHHH, don’t tell anyone yet; the official “unveiling” is actually scheduled for tomorrow. :)

steph - Once again, Marno, these are beautiful!! I think my favorites are the out of focus one in the snow and the sparkler send off! Just awesome!! :) Can’t wait to see the rest of your 2010 weddings!

Ajeng Soemantoro - Awesome!! Im so glad I had a chance to be a part of this, it was an amazing experience, what a wonderful wedding that was! The snow actually added some spices to it. Thanks Marno, Mike and Michelle! Triple Ms. lol. You guys were fun and by looking at these pictures, it definitely shows. Thumbs up!

Marno - Steph, thank you mucho! I must get you to shoot with me at least once this year! Keep in touch and best wishes to you and your studio for 2010!

AJ, it was a pleasure having you! We had so much fun slipping and falling in the snow, LOL! :)

ari - Great job Marno. Dude, I wanna shoot in the snow too!!!


Marno - Thanks Ari! I don’t know if the 209 area get the white stuff, but it’s awesome to shoot in!

Steve Shipman

- What a fabulous set of images. I get a brilliant sense of the day. Michelle and Mike must be thrilled!

Marno - Thank you so much, Steve! They certainly are thrilled. :)

Studio News | Business

This is what’s poppin’ right now: Idang and Antoine’s slick album.  It was finalized and sent in for building today.  We can’t wait to see the real deal! I’ll post some photos of it as soon as it arrives. Finished albums are the ultimate way of portraying the story of your day.  There’s no feeling like it.  Idang and Antoine, you’ll feel it shortly. :)

The next album up is Bonnie and Stefan’s.  Be on the lookout!

*A black border has been added to the photos to simulate actual spreads.

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