Kelli and Dave | Washington, DC | Engagement

Kelli and Dave are a cute couple.  Look at them!  Dave is also the third Dave/David that I have photographed this year.  Although, I must admit: none of the other Dave’s resembled Tom Brady nearly as much as Kelli’s Dave does!

We hit up a few favorite spots in DC, ranging from the National Arboretum to the Jefferson Memorial.  All along the way, Kelli, Dave and their puppy, Wendy did a wonderful job.  We walked away with some great laughs and photographs.  I had a great time, guys!

Facebook album, here.

steph - ahhh! so pretty! the last one’s my fave! looove it :) :)

Paula - my faves: 2nd photo, last 3 photos, and photos under the archway. I think I’m biased toward photos with beautiful backgrounds.

Marno - Thanks Steph!

Marno - Of course! Thanks for the support, P!

Cecilia - These photos are exquisite! Congratulations to the beautiful couple. All the best, Cecilia

Marno - Thank you so much, Cecilia! I really appreciate it. Congrats to the couple, indeed!

Kristin McNally - Gorgeous pictures! You both look like models!!!

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