Tabitha and Tony | Stafford, Virginia | Wedding | One


thu - this is my favorite couple for engagement pix…hurry up and lets see the wedding ones!!

Marno - It’s going to be epic!!

Diana - I can not wait to see the pictures, it’s like waiting on Christmas. I know they are going to be great!!!

Marno - Believe me, Diana, I can’t wait to share them. They’ll be posted when Tabitha and Tony get back from their honeymoon. Stay in touch!

Roxelena and Mark | Annapolis, Maryland | Wedding

Roxelena wanted to remember her day. Mark was down for whatever. Together, we got a along quite well! I would like to give out a huge thanks to Roxelena and Mark for having me, Trang for referring me, and to those who ensured that the day flowed as smooth as possible. I greatly appreciate it.

My friend, Steph came out and provided “aerial coverage” during the ceremony. You’re awesome, thanks!

steph - As always, Marno, you did a fantastic job! I love the photojournalistic feel of every picture! Also, thanks for having me, even if it was only for the ceremony!! :)

Marno - Thank you so much for coming out on such short notice! You were a great help!

Roxelena Cefaratti - Thank you for capturing these moments for us…I love them. Truly. ^^

Marno - The pleasure was mine, Roxelena. I’m so happy to have been there with you guys. :)

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