Kaylyn + Andrew | Gainesville, VA | Wedding

Kaylyn and Andrew are a beautiful couple. They are humble, kind and extremely inviting. I was put into pure comfort around them.

Their wedding was one of the most emotional weddings that I have ever photographed. So emotional that it even got to me. And that feeling made me realize how much of a blessing it is to be a part of a couple’s life. It was truly inspiring.

The wedding was held at The Inn at Vint Hill, located in Gainesville, VA.  Steph shot this wedding with me and contributed a good handful to the story.  Check out her work, here.


- Ahhh, Marno! You told such a beautiful story, without even having to write it! Every picture you put in told a little detail of the day’s story. :) Fantastic!!

cheryl najera - I love the pictures!!! Marno, you truly are a master!!!!!

Marno - Steph, thanks for the love!! So glad that you were there and were able to contribute to the story, too! You’re awesome!

Marno - Cheryl, thank you for the humbling compliments! I’m only decent at this because of couples like Kaylyn and Andrew. The credit goes to them!

Amanda - Marno,
I can’t say enough how much you and Stephanie ROCK. Thanks so much for sharing these pics and Kaylyn and Andrew’s special day with us. This is a masterpiece!

Marno - Amanda, you’re the best! So helpful and energetic on the big day! You really made it a breeze for all of us. Thanks for the support. I’m really glad that I was able to be there for you all. :)

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