Cenita + Justin | DC + Arlington, VA Engagement

Cenita and Justin are extremely fashion-forward.  Check out their style!  We spent a solid chunk of the evening to knock out these photos.  Because over here, we do it right!

Can’t wait to see you two next year in Mexico!

Korie Lynn - I just have to say, your black and white images make me just have to stop and stare! They’re stunning :)

Marno - Thanks, Korie! If my camera broke and shot nothing but B&W’s, I’d be alright with that! Hope your season has been going well!

Monique Brown - I love the pics! You guys did a real photo shoot… gorgeous!

Elisabeth + Jason | Philadelphia, PA Engagement

Let me start off by saying that the connection between Elisabeth, Jason and I would not have been made possible without the help of my friend, Joe G. of JPG Photography.  We made sweet photographs.  Thanks, Joe.

Elisabeth and Jason are my type of people: chill, laid back, and really funny!  We got together on a beautiful Fall afternoon and put on a show.  Hope you enjoy it.

Amber - These are *stunning* – excellent work!

Marno - Thanks for the compliment Amber!

Ray - Fierce, and definitely inspiring images. You picked up the tilt-shift preeeetty easily from the look of it.

Marno - Ray, you’re awesome! Actually, the few T/S images that I posted are part of the small batch of keepers. I must remind myself next time: less tilt and better exposures! Thanks for stopping by, man!

steph - ahhhh you used your tiltshift! I don’t have to tell you how awesome these pictures came out, you know already haha! :)

Marno - Steph, I appreciate everything that you say, even if you don’t say anything! :) Hope your Fall is going well!

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