Erica + Joe | Ashburn + Manassas, VA Engagement

My website tracking info states that someone Google’s my name at least once per day.  It doesn’t say who or where it’s from, but I think it was Erica all along.  She is a big fan!

Erica contacted me way earlier in the year.  She was ecstatic then and she still is now.  It was such a joy having her and Joe in front of my camera, finally!  They are both funny and filled with energy.  I loved the in-between moments of the shoot – jokes, laughter, awkward gestures, you name it.  We were ourselves and these photographs prove that.

In my experience as an artist/photographer, I have learned that you don’t need fancy cameras, outfits and locations to create good images.  Just bring an open mind and a positive attitude and the photographs will make themselves.  They won’t just be pretty, but they’ll mean something in the long.  That’s my secret.  Erica and Joe paint it perfectly.

Ray - Marno, I love this set for so many different reasons.

Love the colors, processing, and even more for the light.

Marno - Ray, I love your insights, bro. Thanks for the love!!

Deanna Doan - Great pictures! I went to Broad Run!

Marno - Thanks, Deanna! Erica and Joe met there and have been together since! :)

Lisa - Marno! I love the open field pictures :)

Erica - Marno. I got a little teary eyed. You are amazing. <3

Marno - I love them, too, Lisa! Thanks for the support!

Marno - Erica, you and Joe rock my world. Thank you so much!

Mimi - Love all the pictures especially the field. Just beautiful!

Erica - I am such a dork. I look at these every morning.


- Me too!

Naomi - Amazing, as usual! Where/how do you find these locations?? The field and forest pictures are gorgeous.

Marno - Thanks, Naomi!! Honestly, I let my couples decide where they want to go, then I just wander around and look for sweet backgrounds! Simplicity is really that simple. :)

Melanie + Paul | Philadelphia, PA | Please Touch Museum Wedding

This wedding was like no other that I have attended or photographed before. This wedding was Melanie and Paul’s wedding.

Melanie and Paul both live in Brooklyn, NY, but met their friends and family in halfway Philadelphia for this unique wedding. The stylish and luxurious Hotel Palomar housed the getting ready stage of the day. I especially love the pop art mural of Benjamin Franklin painted on the roof of the hotel entrance; it totally makes the first-sight photo is this post. Then, we shuttled over to Philadelphia Art Museum‘s courtyard for some group photos. Soon after, we arrived at the Please Touch Museum where the religious traditions and celebration took place.  The museum was absolutely overwhelming and it complimented the theatrical qualities of the couple perfectly.

The partying went long into the night and even included solo covers from members of the wedding party and Paul himself. He sang “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney. It was a really nice fit to the Alice in Wonderland and The Beatles inspired wedding. Loved it!

Mel and Paul, thank you so much for having us.  It was an incredible experience.  Lastly, huge thanks to the lovely crew at JPG Photography for making this possible.

steph - this wedding looked like it was so so much fun! I hope you had a blast shooting it! :D Also, I’m loving all the bright colors!!

Marno - It sure was, Steph! It was an amazing day. So much to admire. :)

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