Wendy + Dave | St. Thomas, USVI Wedding | One

The wait will be worthwhile. Pinky promise.

Dave Spencer - This is a great taste of what is to come. Marno, we can’t express just how grateful we are to know you and to have you in charge of the memories of the best day of our lives!
Cheers to you Marno Muth

Marno - Dave! Thank you so much for the lovely feedback. I really appreciate the value that you put into the captured memories of your wedding. It was such a pleasure being there for you two. Can’t wait to share the beautiful images to come!

Wendy - Several people took amazing photos and all anyone could say was “But, I can’t wait to see Marno’s pictures!!!”

Marno - Trust me, Wendy, I can’t wait to see them either!

Matt Fano - Marno…..How do you do that? That picture is amazing.

Marno - Matt, it starts with a really awesome couple. The rest just falls into place. :)

Cindy, Zach, Kayley, + Tyler | Lorton, VA Family Portraits

This family session was too much fun.  I can’t believe that I don’t do more of them!

I first met Cindy and Zach almost ten years ago, in our retail days!  We lost contact for a while, but thankfully reconnected through  a mutual friend, Tiffany.  Thank goodness!  Today, they’re still the same couple that I remembered from back in the day, but with the exception of their two beautiful children.  Look at them; they’re so cute!

cindy rathbun - OMG we love love love them! you are so amazing, thank you for this priceless treasures ;)

linda crayton - My favorite is the low shot with the baby walking away. You see light so beautifully!

Marno - Cindy, you guys were so much fun to work with. So good seeing you and your family again!

Marno - Linda, I was totally inspired by you on this. Your approach got me thinking about doing more family photos. Thanks for the love, girl!

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