Wendy + Dave | St. Thomas, USVI Wedding

This is it.

This is the wedding of Wendy and Dave.

As most of you already know, I am usually short-winded when it comes to post descriptions, but this time, I just have to speak. This is something entirely new and different.

If you’re not already familiar, here’s a little bit of background info (our engagement session).  Ever since, we have become good friends. I became good enough of a friend to be invited as a guest and photographer to their exclusive wedding in St. Thomas, USVI. And because I was also a guest, you will see some photos of myself in this post. You will see my side of the story. You will see wedding photographs that don’t look like wedding photographs.

Guests from three different continents flew in for this special occasion. And when I was introduced to them, they pretty much already knew my name. That right there set the feel for the type of wedding that this was going to be – close-knit, personal, and very comfortable.

Wendy and Dave are hope. They are hope for all the single ladies. All the single ladies! Their love for one another is so deep that it makes me jealous! I never tell them to kiss for the camera; they just do. And they do it passionately – so passionately that I sometimes have to tell them to stop! Wendy is a total sweetheart. She has been an older sister figure to me ever since we met. “Older” not by age or looks, but by the love and support that she has provided me along this venture. And Dave, he’s a pure gentleman. If we’re walking somewhere together, it’s a fact that I won’t be opening any doors in front of me by myself.

Their wedding is described visually below. I hope that you smile, cry and laugh. I hope that you can relive the day. I hope you remember it forever.

I hope that you are inspired.

ashley barnett - These rock!!! :)

bart - awesome photos marno. you captured the essence of the moment quite spectacularly. wendy and dave are wonderful people, and their love story is truly reflected from behind your lens. way to go dude!

Wendy Wang - I’m reliving that day(weekend) all over again! What a great time we had.

Erin Fano - These pics are so great. You really were able to capture what this wedding was all about…love, friends and family. We all look like we had a great time! Great job as usual Marno!

Jen + Dan | Springfield, VA Wedding

True Story. Over two years ago, before I was engrossed into wedding photography, Jen had mentioned that she wanted me to photograph her wedding. That’s one heck of a commitment, especially considering that I was a totally different photographer and Dan wasn’t even in the picture at that time! Lo and behold, we made it happen and I am so glad that I was able to be a part of the day.

The intimate and cozy wedding was held at Dan’s parents’ home. The support of the closest of friends and family kept things warm. And make up artist and friend, Dayna Mendez, made sure Jen was looking her best.

Jen and Dan, I wish you two the best and I look forward to your future together. Your simple wedding was the perfect end to my busy season. Thank you.

Dayna - Fantastic pictures! You truly captured the moment!

xd - yo Marno, by far my favorite wedding photos!! great job and the couple looks so happy!

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