Cenita + Justin | Cancun, Mexico Azul Sensatori Wedding

What an amazing weekend. I got to spend time in Cancun, Mexico with Cenita, Justin, and their nearest and dearest. To this day, it is still hard for me to digest the opportunity. Thank you.

If you’re wondering, yes, it did in fact rain. A lot. But that didn’t stop this beautiful wedding from continuing. I have to give major credit to Cenita for weathering it out like a troop. I am impressed.

I had the pleasure of having my friend, Ray, tag along. He brought along his unique vision and expertise, which helped make all of this possible. Thanks again, Ray.

Tiffany - Amazing Marno! I always love your work. I think you outdid yourself this time!

Allison Sease - The ceremony pictures are lovely:) My favorite picture is Stephen dancing!! He’s not a dancer, but he felt so comfortable around family and friends that he had to get his groove on:)

Justin and Cenita you two are such a lovely couple and the photographer caught every perfect angle. Love you both very much:)

Erica Marshall - Marno you out did yourself with these pictures! You captured every moment. The fact that you kept shooting in the rain speaks to your work ethic. Thanks for these beautiful memories for the Bahams. And thanks Cenita and Justin for allowing me to be part of your fab weekend!


Marno - Thank you for the support, ladies! It was such a pleasure!

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