Wendy and Dave | Washington, DC | Engagement

“We are absolutely in love…all the usual rules about having our own lives really don’t apply because we spend more time with each other than with anyone else…we love to wrestle and be stupid when we’re together…Since I started my career as an artist, Dave has been my biggest supporter…he often times has to encourage me not to give up on this, my biggest dream.”

Wendy and Dave stumbled upon me through fate.  Some call it, Google.  You can call it whatever you want, but a collaboration like the one that you see here isn’t merely a coincidence.  It’s a beautiful marriage.  Both Wendy and Dave are artists in their own respects.  Dave was once a member of a ska band and Wendy is currently a full-time oil painter!  I was absolutely flattered when I found this out.  To have my work admired by fellow artists is humbling and inspiring at the same time. Right off the bat, a connection was made.

The shoot took place in Washington, DC, on the first day of The National Cherry Blossom Festival.  Although some shots make this obvious, my main point wasn’t to show it.  I wanted to portray Wendy, Dave, and their love for each other.  The shooting environments are secondary to this.  Dave proposed to Wendy on the steps of the Supreme Court, so naturally, we had to hit that up.  Looking back at the photos, I still have no clue how we got such clean shots without crowds of people in them, especially on such a busy evening!  I guess being at the right place at the right time really matters (more on that soon).

We had some really good conversations that day – “shop talk.”  And it stirred up lots of thought.  In the near future, I will write another post regarding this. But for now, meet Wendy, Dave and myself.  In photographs.

If you have a moment, check out some of Wendy’s work, here.  To stay connected, become a fan on her Facebook group, here.  AJ, came along and played a human SUV, carrying gear and holding lights.  She also got a few “behind the scenes” shots; which will be posted soon.  Thanks, AJ!

Also, feel free to visit the Facebook album and share your thoughts!  If you love what you see, we would love to have you on board as a fan.

Anna - I can’t stop staring at the third one from the bottom. Takes me back to another time period.

Marno - :)

ashley barnett - Marno! I love this shoot! They are so clearly in love and it’s beautiful :) I really love this set!


- Thanks, Ashley!! They are so in love, it makes me jealous! Such a sweet couple to be around. :)

Kate - Wow, gorgeous Marno. I especially love the little series shot from behind … and that B+W silhouette under the tree is spectacular!

Marno - Thank, Kate! They were such a pleasure to photograph. Totally down for anything and they had the willingness to make beautiful photos. Loved our session together!

Angelina - love love love love these.
looking through these i could feel the harmony between them.
and every time you do another shoot in D.C. it only gets more beautiful <3

Angelina - oh and i love the tenth one from the top (:

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