Tabitha and Tony | Fairfax, Virginia and Washington, DC | Engagement

I posted these photos long before I was even ready to write a post about the shoot. I was just too eager to show the world the amazing photos that we made that day. Onto the words…

Tabitha and Tony were truly like models. It’s as simple as that. I tell them one thing and they do it – and they do it looking pretty! All I have to do is to take a snapshot of them with my big and bulky camera. What do you get? Awesome and professional looking photos like these! OK, maybe it wasn’t that easy, but the outgoing, open-minded and daring couple definitely made my job easier that day.

You might not be able to tell, but it was one of the hottest days of the summer! However, we made the best of it and still rocked the shoot without breaking too much of a sweat.:)Tabitha and Tony were hard-to-the-core. They were practically willing to do just about anything! Exorcist stairs? “OK.” Hot scene in an elevator? “OK.” Pull over on the side of the highway with cars flying by? “OK.” Trespass in a government parking structure and risk getting ticketed in the infamous Fairfax County? “OK.” Tabitha and Tony didn’t complain at all! They willingly nodded their heads up and down and trusted me and my creative vision. In turn, it allowed me to do what I do best.

For the shoot, Tony brought along his 1988 Pontiac Fiero, which was outfitted to look like a bright and expensive supercar. The car broke necks and attracted all sorts of attention; although mostly from other men. LOL! Just kidding, it’s an authentic Lotus Elise; which is a ridiculously cool little car! Even though the car looks better on a racetrack, it provided some of my favorite photos of the day.

The lifestyle engagement lasted pretty much all day and drained us all. Tony paid me with delicious and refreshing frozen yogurt from IceBerry and blue-crab fritters from Coastal Flats (my favorite restaurant!), yum! After the long day, there could not have been a better reward. Thanks guys!

Tabitha and Tony will be making it official in 2010. Be sure to stay on the lookout for their wedding shoot!
























steph - hi marno! I saw your page on Ica’s FB fan page and your pictures are awesome! Wow…looove this shoot!

I live in Fairfax too so if you ever need help with a shoot, let me know! :)

Marno - Thanks for the compliments Stephanie! I will let you know if I need your assistance in the future. I appreciate you offerings!

Tabitha and Tony | Stafford, Virgnia | Rock Hill Plantation | Wedding | Marno Muth Photography | VA MD DC Wedding Photographer and Engagement Photographer - [...] my early stages (when my portfolio was pretty lame). So, after photographing the couple’s engagement session and wedding, I take a look back, and I’m just extremely grateful for being where I am today. [...]

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