Erica + Joe | Ashburn + Manassas, VA Engagement

My website tracking info states that someone Google’s my name at least once per day.  It doesn’t say who or where it’s from, but I think it was Erica all along.  She is a big fan!

Erica contacted me way earlier in the year.  She was ecstatic then and she still is now.  It was such a joy having her and Joe in front of my camera, finally!  They are both funny and filled with energy.  I loved the in-between moments of the shoot – jokes, laughter, awkward gestures, you name it.  We were ourselves and these photographs prove that.

In my experience as an artist/photographer, I have learned that you don’t need fancy cameras, outfits and locations to create good images.  Just bring an open mind and a positive attitude and the photographs will make themselves.  They won’t just be pretty, but they’ll mean something in the long.  That’s my secret.  Erica and Joe paint it perfectly.

Ray - Marno, I love this set for so many different reasons.

Love the colors, processing, and even more for the light.

Marno - Ray, I love your insights, bro. Thanks for the love!!

Deanna Doan - Great pictures! I went to Broad Run!

Marno - Thanks, Deanna! Erica and Joe met there and have been together since! :)

Lisa - Marno! I love the open field pictures :)

Erica - Marno. I got a little teary eyed. You are amazing. <3

Marno - I love them, too, Lisa! Thanks for the support!

Marno - Erica, you and Joe rock my world. Thank you so much!

Mimi - Love all the pictures especially the field. Just beautiful!

Erica - I am such a dork. I look at these every morning.


- Me too!

Naomi - Amazing, as usual! Where/how do you find these locations?? The field and forest pictures are gorgeous.

Marno - Thanks, Naomi!! Honestly, I let my couples decide where they want to go, then I just wander around and look for sweet backgrounds! Simplicity is really that simple. :)

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